Leg Length Shim Safety

4 BikeFit Leg Length Shims shown flat on a white background

Protruding Shims

Why are BikeFit’s 3-hole Leg Length Shims (LLS) longer and protrude out more than other brands? The additional length is by design.

Cleats are designed to be used on the bottom of a cyclIng shoe (directly in contact with the sole). Take the cleat away from the surface (sole) and it will no longer work as it was designed. Adding length to the front of the LLS is like adding shoe surface to assure the cleat/pedal interface will function properly.

Engagement problems may begin to occur when building up a 3-hole road cleat to as little as 3-4mm in height. Of course, the greater the stack height, the more likely an engagement issue will arise. The front of the cleat may dip into the pedal too far causing a delay or even the inability to clip into the pedal.

Same Size Leg Length Shims = Dangerous

Digital illustration that shows a leg length shim the same size as the cleat and interaction with the pedal

Leg Length Shims of the same size and shape as the cleat contact surface force the cleat to dip too far into the pedal. If the LLS does not extend out in front of the cleat, the increased gap between the shoe and the cleat can cause problematic engagement.

BikeFit Protruding Leg Length Shims

Digital illustration that shows a leg length shim extending too far beyond the cleat causing issues with the pedal

BikeFit’s Leg Length Shims extend well beyond the front of the cleat providing a platform that allows the pedal to facilitate smooth and easy engagement.

More Examples

Take a look at 2 more examples below of the size differences between BikeFit’s LLS vs. others.

Diagram that illustrates size differences between 3-hole universal cleats and leg length shims
Diagram that illustrates size differences between 3-hole Keo cleats and leg length shims

The engagement problems may not occur every time you attempt to clip into the pedal, but it will eventually happen! It only takes one mishap at an inopportune time to cause significant concern. If you are looking for Leg Length Shim Safety, BikeFit provides you with the best comfort and options.


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