Say Goodbye To Pain

Your feet and legs are your engine. When they’re out of alignment, pain and fatigue can erode your power and enjoyment. The good news is that you can correct the leading causes of these issues and restore your comfort right here and now.

  • Cycling shoe with cleat wedge installed under cleat


    Maximize your edge.

    BikeFit’s Cleat and In-The-Shoe (ITS) Wedges are the quick, low-cost, durable fix for the 96% of cyclists whose feet tilt inward or outward.

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  • Pedal Extenders

    Keep your knees in line.

    By adding lateral length to the pedal axle, pedal spacers remedy common alignment issues that lead to pain and power loss. 

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  • Leg Length Shims

    Bring balance to every revolution.

    Small discrepancies in leg length can make a big difference in your cycling. Our high-density plastic shims are the answer.

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